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Categories: Restaurants

Open hours

Mon.-Fr. / 10:00 - 21:00

Saturday. / 10:00 - 21:00

Sunday. / Closed

Burger King in Gdynia in CH Riviera is located on level 1. Come if you get hungry  – the Burger King offer is huge and constantly abounds in new products. Triple King Bacon Rodeo, Double Chicken Pocket Set and Whopper vegetable set are just some of the suggestions you can take advantage of. Burger King has prepared something for both carnivores and vegetarians.

Burger King in Gdynia – offer in CH Riviera

Fresh meat and fresh vegetables are the base of dishes offered at Burger King. The key principle of serving plant ingredients is this: they cut shortly before serving! As a result, the dishes retain their most valuable ingredients and taste. The Burger King restaurant in Gdynia offers:

  • – BURGERS,
  • – SALADS,
  • – POCKETS,
  • – French fries and snacks,

Discounts, rebates, coupons and special offers are waiting for you on site.

Shop at the Riviera Centre, then come to Burger King!

Do you want to visit the Tri-City and plan the time you will spend there? If you also include shopping at the mall, you certainly anticipate finding a good restaurant to replenish your energy. Burger King is just such a place. He found his clients among children, teenagers and adults. Join the group of gourmets and get acquainted with the sets available on site in Gdynia.

A brief history of Burger King

Burger King set its first steps in Poland in 1992 in Warsaw. Currently, it has almost 50 restaurants across the country, including one unique one in the Riviera Shopping Center. Unique, because in a convenient location, with the possibility of quickly settling many other matters – from grocery shopping to using banking, television, postal or tailoring services. You have many possibilities, that’s why we invite you to Riviera from morning to evening, 7 days a week!