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Open hours

Mon.-Fr. / 10:00 - 21:00

Saturday. / 10:00 - 21:00

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The Rivera Shopping Center invites you to visit the Berlin-Döner-Kebap restaurant located on the first floor of the gallery. Would you like a quick, delicious dish full of aromas, juicy meat, oriental spices and fresh vegetables? Do you like intriguing flavor combinations, but sometimes you like to eat a vegetarian dish or fit novelties? Or maybe you want to taste aromatic coffee and gossip with your friends?

Come and visit us for a kebab and you won’t regret it! Meet your friends at the table or take advantage of a break from study or work to try the best chicken or beef dish in town. Carefully selected meat in the perfect proportion, vegetarian substitutes full of nutrients and vitamins, delicious sauces, a crispy roll or a tasty tortilla – what more could you want?

Berlin-Döner-Kebap – Gdynia

The best kebab in Gdynia? Yes, and only with us! Only the highest quality, fresh products from reliable suppliers are used to prepare your favorite dishes. Thanks to this, you can come to us at any time of the day or late in the evening to taste the dishes that melt in your mouth. Our recipe for combining certain vegetables with meat and sauce will satisfy even fussy eaters.

We encourage you to eat the selected dish on the spot and feel this specific atmosphere in the Centre, but if you are in a hurry, you can use the takeaway option. A restaurant employee will carefully pack the selected menu item and you will report or deliver it still warm to your home or office. The restaurant’s offer is primarily:

  • roll,
  • kebap in a bun,
  • kebap box,
  • kebap on a plate,
  • Turkish pizza.

Different sizes of dishes are available, you choose vegetables and sauces yourself, so you will find something for small and large hunger. If you don’t like a lot of vegetables, maybe you will like Fryt Doner Kebap. It’s a combination of heated rolls, juicy meat and delicious fries that will satisfy every hunger. Also, do not miss the seasonal novelties and fit dishes, i.e. those with reduced fat content, which are very popular among the greatest gourmets and people who prefer healthier choices in the restaurant.

A little something for vegetarians

Berlin-Döner-Kebap is a restaurant that wants to satisfy every customer, which is why the menu of the restaurant is expanded from time to time with vegetarian versions of the most popular dishes. Fancy a rollo with falafel? Are you intrigued by falafel on a bun or thinking about falafel on a plate surrounded by fresh vegetables and crispy fries? In that case, be sure to visit the premises after shopping. Falafel cutlets combined with original sauces and spices are a real heaven in the mouth. Maybe even a meat lover will be tempted by them?

Salads and children’s menu

We cordially encourage you to try delicious salads that will perfectly satisfy your hunger after a walk around our gallery and can be a tasty appetizer before something bigger. Prepared from fresh ingredients, with the addition of chicken without antibiotics and GMOs, possibly falafel or halloumi cheese, packed in biodegradable packaging, they are impressive and can be a great idea for lunch at work. Do you prefer Caesar salad, Greek salad, or maybe you like to order a fit salad with a mix of lettuces and seeds from time to time? See for yourself that each of them deserves attention and you will come back for them often.

The restaurant also does not forget about the youngest customers, that is why a kids menu is available in the restaurant. It is a combination of vegetables, fries and juicy chicken meat, and additionally, a drink and a sweet addition are available in the set. Meat can be exchanged for falafel chops or nuggets, so we are sure that every toddler will find something to eat here.

Seasonal menu – you will never be bored

What distinguishes Berlin-Döner-Kebap is the seasonal menu, which usually consists of several noteworthy dishes, prepared with ingredients characteristic of a given season. The combination of rollo and popular salads, as well as the addition of beetroot will surely delight! Exotic mango flavors pair perfectly with beef and chicken, as does chili to help warm you up on a chilly evening. Also in the seasonal menu there are versions of dishes with halloumi cheese or falafel, so anyone who cares about the line or vegetarian can take advantage of our offer.

Visit the best kebab in Tricity

A visit to a restaurant after successful shopping, a meeting with friends or family over a kebab, or maybe a break from work for a quick and nutritious meal