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Dear Customers,

Please comply with the rules applicable at the Riviera Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Centre”), as shown in these Regulations. They are aimed at ensuring safety and optimal conditions for all persons staying at the Centre.

We would like to remind you that parents or guardians are responsible for the safety of minors in the Centre.

For the safety of clients, the Center is monitored

On the premises of the Centre, it is forbidden to carry out any activities threatening life, health and order, in particular:
Consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes, except for places specially designated for this purpose, Staying in the center of people who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or people behaving
contrary to the provisions of criminal law, generally applicable standards and principles of social coexistence, Riding skateboards, inline skates, bicycles, scooters, etc. and leaving them inside the Centre,
Using drones and other remotely controlled vehicles,
Entering the escalator with prams,
Organization of promotional activities and distribution of prospectuses, advertising, information and other materials outside and inside the Center without the permission of the Management of the Centre, Taking photographs and filming the Center without the consent of the Management of the Centre, with the exception of photos or videos for private use
Bringing animals into the area of the Centrum’s passage without the forms of their protection provided for by law (except for dogs, the rules of which are described in the further part of the Regulations). In the opinion of the Management or its representatives (employees of service companies), the introduced animal cannot pose a threat or cause any other inconvenience to customers, staff or the order of the Centre. Entrance with animals to the premises of the stores is regulated by the internal regulations of individual stores. Responsibility for the animal introduced to the Center lies with its guardian.
Using open fire, bringing weapons and flammable and explosive materials into the Centre, Emitting noise and unpleasant smells,
Conducting activities contrary to good manners or threatening public order,
in particular, organizing manifestations, assemblies of political or religious agitation, displaying goods for sale, itinerant trade and
door-to-door, canvassing, soliciting, begging in the external and internal area of the Centre,
Organizing artistic performances, conducting charity events, etc., on the external and internal premises of the Center without the consent of the Management
Deliberately polluting, destroying or misusing the equipment located on the premises of the Centre, also in
public areas such as toilets, sanitary rooms, etc. Such actions will result in an incident on the part of the Centre
claims for damages and a ban on entering the Centre.
Parking in a place intended for the disabled, without having a certificate entitling to park in this zone, and
unauthorized parking in family spaces.
These Regulations define the rules allowing the introduction of dogs to the Riviera Centre:
Dogs may be brought into the Shopping Center with the exception of the so-called food court and shops where products are sold
grocery stores, as well as excluding other stores whose Tenants, by means of appropriate written information, do not allow their presence
dogs in their stores. These exclusions do not apply to dogs with a therapy dog ID card, a guide dog or a dog for
the blind – accompanying disabled persons or persons entitled pursuant to separate relevant provisions of law.
Dogs may stay in the Shopping Center only on a leash and in a muzzle. It is allowed to carry small dogs on their hands
All impurities related to the introduction of dogs should be removed immediately by their owners, under pain of being charged
owners for the costs of removing these impurities.
Full responsibility for dogs, including any damage caused by them, rests solely with the dog owners.
Aggressive or dangerous animals may not be brought into the Gallery.
Dogs are not allowed on the escalators.


Persons who do not comply with the above rules are obliged to leave the Center when summoned by the Center Director or his representatives (in particular the Center Security). Failure to comply with the request will be treated as a violation of the Regulations in force at the Center and will entail the use of appropriate measures to enforce its provisions.