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“Riviera Sztuki”, which has been operating for over four years, has become a permanent fixture in the minds of many residents of the Tri-City. The project initiated by the Riviera Center in Gdynia allows young artists, photographers and painters to present their works free of charge in the form of an exhibition organized in one of the most visited places on the map of Gdynia.

The main goal of the “Riviera Sztuki” initiative is to guarantee young, talented artists a place and space for development. A free project that allows the promotion of local talents, not only gives artists a chance to present extremely interesting works, but also brings the subject of culture and art closer to the local community. It has been over four years since the first exhibition was presented at the Riviera Sztuki. To date, almost 50 artists from the Tri-City and the surrounding area have had the opportunity to present their works to a wide audience. Tens of thousands of people visiting the center a day translated into the promotion of local artists and enabled them to reach a wider audience.

The Riviera Center invariably encourages all local artists with painting, photographic or graphic talent to participate in the project. “Riviera Sztuki” allows you to present your work and thus reach completely new audiences.

Just send a few of your works to the e-mail address: