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Gdynia Aquarium

The Aquarium has almost 2,000 animals of 250 species. Its seven rooms showcase marine fish, amphibians and reptiles, and even invertebrates from all the seas of the world.

Experyment Science Centre

It is a unique experimentation lab for explorers of all ages in which you can single-handedly carry out experiments to discover the laws of nature. Experyment frequently organises theme-based workshops for kids and adults alike.

Orłowo Cliff and Pier

Orłowo is an oasis of peace and quiet with a beautiful 180-m-long wooden pier. The place was famous back in the late 19th century, and the Polish writer Stefan Żeromski stayed here in the 1920s. To the left of the pier, you can see Orłowo Cliff, an icon of the place.

Seaside Boulevard and Downtown (Śródmieście) Beach

It is a seaside promenade stretching from the very heart of Downtown Gdynia to Redłowo Beach and Redłowo Glade (Polanka Redłowska). The Boulevard starts with one of Gdynia’s icons: the Gdynia Fish sculpture. The beach in the very heart of the city is Gdynia’s pride and joy. In the summer season, it provides multiple sports activities and even an open-air library.

Emigration Museum

Museum tells the story of Polish emigrants and the contribution of Polish people to the history of the world. The building which houses the Museum is the pre-World War II Marine Station (Dworzec Morski), a gem of Gdynia’s Modernism.

Kościuszko Square

Known as Skwer Kościuszki in Polish, it is the tourist hub of Gdynia. Built on an artificial peninsula, the Southern Pier (Molo Południowe), which stretches out far into the sea, with John Paul II Avenue (al. Jana Pawła II), is an extension of the Square. The place features a monument to Maritime Poland, Modernist townhouses and a fountain.