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Open hours

Mon.-Fr. / 10:00 - 21:00

Saturday. / 10:00 - 21:00

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Visit Bubble Tea in Gdynia in our Riviera shopping center. It is a Molecular Taste Factory where you will find delicious products based on natural ingredients. Bubble Tea provides creative delicacies without the addition of gluten, chemical preservatives and other enhancers. Bubble Tea balls are made from tapioca, cassava root. Bubble Tea has only one stationary store in Gdynia and it is the one in Riviera!

Bubble Tea in Gdynia – what awaits you in our place?

In Bubble Tea in CH Riviera, you can freely mix the ingredients, obtaining a unique taste. Up to 1700 different combinations are possible (base + juice + balls). Refresh yourself in spring and summer, and warm up in winter. Bubble Tea is served both cold and warm. This is a place that will appeal to adults, teenagers and children. The explosion of colors and flavors awakens the imagination and makes the time spent with Bubble Tea more pleasant than when ordering standard tea.

The store’s offer includes:

  • TEA,

Ecology first

Bubble Tea in Gdynia will also conquer the hearts of eco-lovers! For this brand, the well-being of the planet is an important factor, therefore packaging is recycled. Protecting the environment while delivering great products? This is a solution that works well in a modern, rational world. Each packaging after further processing can be reused. Are you in? Welcome to CH Riviera!

Get inspired by a visit to Bubble Tea and prepare delicious Bubble at home

Once you try something from the Bubble Tea offer, you will always want to come back to it. The Bubble Tea company also provides a recipe on its website  – so you can try to prepare delicious tea at home. Let a visit to the premises in Gdynia inspire you to act. Order ingredients and combine! Create a unique taste for yourself, your household and guests.